Friday, November 24, 2017

Week 2 vs Hayward Lancers

Jr. Pee-Wee's: Lancers - 33, Pirates - 0

Jr. Midgets: Lancers - 18, Pirates - 26

Midgets: Lancers - 19, Pirates - 6

Game Times

Saturday, September 19th

Great games on Saturday. The Mighty Mites may be few but they are indeed mighty. They played like they been playing for years. Great job by their coaches and players. Lets keep this thing rolling with this group of guys.
Jr. Pee-Wee's, not the best first half. Not you guys' best effort at all. But the second half was much better. The team kept playing and never gave up.
Jr. Midgets... These guys are good! (I hope that does not go to thier heads) These guys are still a little rough around the edges, but once they get those little things ironed out, SJPAL lookout! Everybody contributed on offense, defense and special teams. If you continue to work hard you will see just how good you are capable of being.
Midgets, have got A LOT of potential! They could easily be as good as the Jr. Midgets with a little more team work, and dedication. And by dedication I mean you all have got to be at practice! First game, first contact for many, we can and will only get better if everybody works together.