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Pirates History

Alameda Pirates History

Looking back at the history of high school football on the Island, one thing stands out as the obvious barometer of our rich legacy of success....youth football! The golden years from the sixties to the early eighties brought numerous League, north coast sectional and even state champions, but when youth football disappeared in the early eighties the success of the local high school teams was followed by a twenty year drought of mediocre teams with way more losses than wins.

In 1999 Alameda High's 0-10 varsity record (38-57 in the 90's) along with the Jets 3-7 record was more than some of us could take and something needed to change. It was clear youth football was sorely needed so in 2000 the Alameda Pirates were born. As our Pirate players began to move into the Jet and Hornet ranks the transformation was immediate and obvious...we would bring back the glory days and make this the second golden age of football on our island. Very quickly, both high schools returned to their winning ways and when our first P.A.L. (2004) championship midget team went up to play in high school, well let’s just say 75% of the starters and 100% of the starting skill position players on the first Jets North Coast Championship team in over 20 years were members of that Pirate Championship team!

Winning games aside, the legacy of the Alameda Pirates is more the championship banners we have earned or the high school and now college players we have helped to produce. Our true success has been the many boys and girls who have been able to experience the rewards of team work, dedication, high expectations, and striving to be the best they can be while coming through our program. History repeating itself isn't always a bad thing especially if it’s part of the rich and successful Alameda football history that we are proudly a part of!

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